How ZendyHealth Helps Employers

What is ZendyHealth?

ZendyHealth empowers patients to manage and control their medical and dental costs by giving them access to top-tier providers for less. The growth of high-deductible health insurance plans and out-of-pocket expenses have led to a shift in patient behavior – patients are now price shopping, negotiating bills, and some are foregoing medical care altogether, leading to more expensive medical bills down the line.


How do we help employees?

We are an online, health-focused, price shopping tool that allows employees to access top-tier healthcare for less. Much like eBay or Priceline, patients are empowered to shop and save on standardized health and dental procedures with a variety of shopping tools, including the Pick-Your-Price deductible saver tool.  Employees can access affordable, low-risk health and dental services with top quality dentists, radiology facilities, and other healthcare providers. 


What do we do for employers?

ZendyHealth enhances employee engagement and slows the obligation toward cost share. In addition, ZH aids in managing utilization and encouraging employees to access low-cost procedures. ZH is a solution that can significantly reduce employer healthcare spending and maximize savings over time.  If you aren't a self-funded or large employer but want to learn how ZendyHealth can be used as a no-cost employee perk, check out this page: An Employee Perk Any Business Can Afford


What are some sample services?


How much does ZendyHealth cost?

ZendyHealth charges a nominal cost associated with setup and maintenance but this can be waived based upon utilization. Each implementation includes an account manager, customized landing page, website, catalog of desired services, and reporting programs at no additional cost.

If they choose to do so, employers can subsidize a portion or the full cost of the reservation deposit for their employees.


How does ZendyHealth achieve savings for employees?

ZendyHealth is a transparency 2.0 tool that empowers employees to negotiate in a time-saving, hassle-free way at the comfort and convenience of home or work.

With ZH, employees set the price of what they are willing and able to pay for a procedure. They can shop and bid to achieve savings typically on average 40-50% below the market price. Providers in the ZendyHealth network accept these prices because they may have unused capacity (no-shows, cancellations) on their schedules.


How do employees access ZendyHealth?

Employees can access ZendyHealth via the website or mobile app. The iOS mobile app can be downloaded on the website or the App Store.

iOS App

Within just a few minutes, employees are able to sign up and name their price for top-tier health and dental care.  The average wait time for an offer to be matched to a top, certified, and prescreened provider is minutes but can take up to 2 business days.


Who are ZendyHealth’s providers?

ZendyHealth has a proprietary network of providers across the country. ZendyHealth selects only a few of the top-quality providers in each region to be a part of the ZendyHealth network.  All providers have 4-stars or higher from reputable review sites.

The ZendyHealth Provider Review Team evaluates each provider’s certifications, hospital privileges, licensure, schooling, and online reviews before adding them to the network. These providers are excited about ZendyHealth, as it helps them fill unused capacity, create better patient access, and increases their cash revenue.  You can find a sample of our providers here: Provider Listings


How do you help employees apply expenses to the deductible?

If an employee would like to apply their cash payment to their health insurance deductible, the ZendyHealth Payor Team will provide one-on-one assistance to walk them through collecting the appropriate information.

Once all necessary information from the employee and the servicing provider has been collected, ZendyHealth will assist in submitting the appropriate claims forms in accordance with the employee’s insurance carrier requirements.  More information can be found on our page: Cash & Your Insurance


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