ZendyHealth makes it easy to find and book, popular medical, dental and cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, Laser Teeth Whitening, and CT / MRI scans at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Our suite of consumer shopping tools allows you to take control of your healthcare dollars and find an affordable, top-tier medical provider near you.

Our two main tools are Pick Your Price (Bidding) or Pick Your Provider (Request A Quote):


Option 1: Choose Your Price

Get the best savings


Choose Your Procedure

Select your procedure and enter your zip code


Pick Your PriceTM

Make an offer and SAVE today!


Get Matched

We match your offer to a Certified Provider and help schedule your appointment.

Option 2: Request A Quote

Search for a local top-tier doctor


Choose Your Procedure

Enter your zip code and the procedure.


Pick Your Provider



Get Their Cash Price

See the cash list price or request a quote from the provider for that procedure.

Look and Feel Fabulous @ Your Price!

Why use ZendyHealth?

  • Your medical procedures are not covered by health insurance plans (i.e., cosmetic/plastic surgery).
  • You don't have health insurance.
  • You have health insurance but have a high deductible.
  • You want to use your HSA/FSA plan.
  • You prefer to pay upfront cash for better rates and to save money.

How do you know that we will match you with a quality provider?

Figuring out if a Doctor is a top-notch provider is a difficult task - we have done all the hard work for you! Our Medical Advisory Board, a group of doctors with over 50 years of experience and recognized leaders in their fields, screens for top class, highly rated, Certified Providers and selectively adds them to the Zendy Provider Network. We give you peace of mind in knowing that you will receive top quality at a great value.

How can top Providers give you such great prices?

Our top quality, Certified Providers are still susceptible to having empty slots in their schedule due to last-minute cancellations and other reasons. We work with our Providers to give you access to these opportunities. This allows you to negotiate outstanding rates for popular treatments and procedures. You can save up to 80% off retail prices!

Best of all, we have a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your match.

Give us a try - surf, select a procedure you need or have been waiting to try, and make an offer at a price that you can afford - we will match you to a top Certified Provider near you. Try us risk-free if you are not happy with the Provider with whom we pair you, we will give you a full refund of your reservation deposit (if applicable) if your refund request is made within 24 hours after your match…no questions asked. It’s that simple!

The ZendyHealth Advantage

  Features ZendyHealth Daily Deal / Directory
The ZendyHealth Advantage  
  Great Deals
Savings of 20-80%  
  Custom, Real-Time Offers
Make your offer today! No more waiting for the next deal.  
  Certified Provider Requirements
Our Providers are highly trained staff under the direct supervision of Certified Medical Professionals.  
  High Quality of Care
We continuously screen and monitor our providers’ quality of care, so you can look and feel your best.  

Have More Questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us.

Save 20-80% on Procedures That Work   *   Top Providers   *   Money Back Guarantee