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How to get low-cost Allergy Testing in Santa Monica

Allergies can be a minor annoyance or life-threatening. That all depends on the severity of the person’s allergy. Allergy testing involves skin or blood tests to pinpoint the substance that triggers a person’s allergic response. Only with an allergy test can allergy sufferers avoid dangerous allergens, and be prepared to seek treatment when accidental contact occurs.

There are three types of skin tests: the skin prick test, the intradermal test, and the skin patch test. All three are quite similar, involving bringing a variety of substances into contact with the skin and seeing if a reaction occurs. Though you may not expect it, blood tests are actually not as accurate as skin tests. Nonetheless, certain people are unable to have skin tests and testing of the blood is necessary.

It’s better to get an allergy test before you have a severe reaction. Be proactive and find a provider for allergy testing in Santa Monica through ZendyHealth.

Top Providers for Allergy Testing in Santa Monica

ZendyHealth connects patients with top providers who can best serve their needs. All of our providers are carefully selected, many from the nation’s most prestigious medical universities, like Stanford, UCLA, and USC.

To stay up to date, we require that our providers maintain an average customer satisfaction rating of at least 5 stars. All of our providers are fully accredited and certified, using only FDA-approved procedures and equipment.

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