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How to get discount Botox in Irvine

Even the highest quality cosmetics can’t completely cover facial signs of aging such as crow’s feet or smile lines. But you don’t have to commit to invasive surgery in order to minimize the appearance of wrinkles; instead, choose wrinkle relaxer treatment.

Wrinkle relaxers are a noninvasive and effective way to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines anywhere on the face. The treatment involves no downtime, and is performed by an experienced medical professional who will inject a small amount of wrinkle relaxer into a specific facial muscle. Although some patients feel a minor “sting”, there is no ongoing discomfort or redness, and results are typically visible within 2-4 days.

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Finding a provider you can trust with administering wrinkle relaxers is made effortless with the help of ZendyHealth. We hand-select cosmetic healthcare professionals who meet our high standards, and who have each received an average of 5 stars from their satisfied patients.

ZendyHealth providers have received training at top medical schools such as UCLA, Stanford, and USC. They use FDA-approved products and devices, and belong to accredited medical societies.


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Forget about sacrificing high quality care for affordability. For discount wrinkle relaxers in Irvine, all you need to do is choose your price, name your procedure, and ZendyHealth will connect you with a board-certified provider in your area. It’s really as simple as that!

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