Help and Reward Your Employees

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Help your employees with high deductible plans and provide all your employees with a fantastic perk

ZendyHealth offers a suite of online, health-focused, price-shopping tools that allow employees to value shop and access top-tier health, dental, and cosmetic services at significant savings. Much like eBay©, Expedia©, or Priceline©, patients are empowered to shop and save with a variety of virtual care and shopping tools, including the Pick-Your-Price and Request Quote tools.

Assist your employees in high deductible health plans or with limited dental coverage

You will be helping them save money by providing access to medical and dental services with discounted bundled pricing from top-tier providers. With ZendyHealth, employees in high deductible health plans or with limited dental coverage can set the price of what they are willing and able to pay for a procedure or service. They can shop and bid to achieve savings typically on average 40-50% below the market price.  

Reward your employees with an awesome perk, affordable dental and cosmetic services

Help your employees save on expensive dental services (even if they have insurance) & find top-tier cosmetic services at compelling prices. Use ZendyHealth as a unique employee benefit or perk to increase employee engagement and retention. ZendyHealth is available either at no cost or a nominal cost to employers, and we have a host of options to make the offering as attractive as possible to the employee.  

Sample services:

Bundled ambulatory surgery procedure pricing also available.

Quick Facts:

  • Access savings of up to 80% off list prices on Health, Dental, and Cosmetic services from the comfort of home or work.
  • Employees can apply prices for relevant services to their deductibles (cosmetic services do not apply).
  • Stretch HSA dollars -- many services are HSA/FSA-eligible.
  • Available at no cost or nominal cost to employers.
  • Service Providers in over 45 states.
  • Partners can catalog services -- pick and choose which services you would like to offer to your employees.
  • Employer benefits and reporting available.
  • Featured in: Inc., Los Angeles Times, NPR, LinkedIn, TechCrunch, New York Times, KTLA, US News & World Report, CBS, and more.

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  • MRI
    MRI Scan
    Diagnostic imaging available via Pick Your Price or Buy Now
  • Mammogram
    Screening and diagnostic imaging available at your own price
  • Lasik
    Pick Your Price on LASIK corrective surgery for Both Eyes