Am I a good candidate for a photofacial?

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Am I a good candidate for a photofacial?
Anonymous 01/25/2016

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The general rule of thumb is that individuals with fairer skin types are most likely to experience the full benefits of a photofacial. The best candidates may also have some of the following conditions:
  • - Rosacea
  • - Hyperpigmentation or blotchiness
  • - Sun damage
  • - Large pores
  • - Freckles
  • - Wrinkles
  If you have tan or naturally dark skin, are pregnant, or taking certain acne medications, you should always consult a physician before considering a photofacial, as these conditions may cause changes in skin pigmentation. If there is any question with regards to how your skin will react to IPL, most providers perform a test spot before performing an entire treatment.   ZendyHealth works with experienced IPL photofacial providers. You could save 20-75% on a treatment for either one spot, hands, neck, face, chest, forearms, or back!
Vish Banthia 06/30/2016


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