Can plastic surgery fix acne scars?

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Can plastic surgery fix acne scars?
Anonymous 08/28/2015

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There are different forms of acne scarring. Depressed acne scars are small pits that form as the skin heals because the body is unable to produce enough collagen due to excess inflammation. Another form of acne scarring comes in the form of raised acne scars. This is formed because the body produces too much collagen as it tries to heal the skin which results in a keloid-type of scar.   For raised acne scars, first the area is usually treated with a steroid injection. This is to reduce the amount of the swelling and to attempt to break down excess collagen. If that is not satisfactory, then the scars can be surgically removed.   Depressed acne scars can be treated with chemical peels or laser resurfacing with or without needle subcision. Dermal fillers are also another treatment option that has proven to be successful in reducing the appearance of indented acne scars because the filler is injected to the depressed areas in order to fill or raise the depression. Many times, its a combination of treatments that tend to yield the best results; moreover, multiple sessions of laser resurfacing or/and chemical peels are required depending upon the depth of scarring.
Vish Banthia 06/30/2016


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