How do I maintain Invisalign aligners at home?

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How do I maintain Invisalign aligners at home?
Anonymous 12/29/2015

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In order get the best results from Invisalign treatment, youll need to take a few extra steps to maintain proper dental hygiene on your own time.   Dentists recommend you wear your aligners 20-22 hours per day. Putting on your aligners at home is simple: just use your fingertips to push them over your front teeth once they snap into place.   Because food can get in and around your teeth, its important to clean out the aligners on a regular basis. Food residue such as berries can even stain the aligners if you forget to clean them. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean both the inside and outside of the aligners. As always, try to brush and floss your teeth after each meal to maintain proper hygiene!
Tim Silegy, DDS 06/30/2016


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