How does laser hair removal work?

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How does laser hair removal work?
Anonymous 12/23/2015

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Laser hair removal is a safe method of permanent hair reduction that was approved by the FDA in 1997. During the process, pulses of laser light are used to destroy the hair follicles and remove unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is unique to other treatments in that it heats the hair follicle and destroys its roots without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.   Although some may experience a snapping sensation during the treatment, it is typically minimally painful. For the best results, schedule 6-8 sessions spaced 6 weeks apart for one treatment area.   Its also worth noting that laser hair removal is priced based on the size of the particular area. A small area, such as the upper lip, is about 2x2. A large area such as the chest measures about 8x8 and a leg would be considered an extra large area.
Vish Banthia 06/30/2016


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