Will Plastic Surgery Last Forever?

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Will Plastic Surgery Last Forever?
Anonymous 10/13/2015

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Plastic surgery has no lifetime guarantees. The lasting affects for some types of plastic surgery can last for years, but the longevity depends on a lot of circumstances. These include things like your body type, lifestyle and type of procedure you undergo. Many times before undergoing a facelift, patients ask me how long their facelift will last. Technically, the answer is forever since the patient will appear younger than he/she would have looked had the patient not undergone the surgery. Procedures like breast augmentation can last for years, but again they may need to be replaced in the future to maintain their shape and aesthetic appeal. The results of some procedures like dermal fillers and Botox treatments typically last between 3-12 months before most patients opt for follow-up treatments. In general, nonsurgical procedures last for a shorter period of time than surgical ones.
Vish Banthia 06/30/2016


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