ZendyHealth Med Tech Scholarship

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Are you interested in improving healthcare through Medical Technology and do you have a great idea to help advance the field?

If so, you should apply to ZendyHealth’s $1,500 Med Tech Scholarship Program.


Innovative tools, medical devices, microchips, 3D printed biological materials, provider relationship management software and additional web technologies have transformed the ways in which both healthcare practitioners and patients navigate the healthcare field. If you had an opportunity, what would you change or improve in the healthcare field?  The internet for example has recently become the main source for patient medical information; patients look up symptoms, medicines, and treatments. Healthcare facilities are now using social media to reach patients and launch public awareness campaigns. Electronic record databases are ensuring that doctors and nurses are administering the accurate treatment to patients along with creating a wealth of information that can be used for medical research. Even we, at ZendyHealth, strived to optimize certain technologies so as to make healthcare more consumer-focused and to make procedures more affordable.

None of these technological advancements would have ever happened without young leaders rising up with new ideas. For this very reason, we have decided to launch the ZendyHealth Med Tech Scholarship hoping that we might empower a younger generation to use their creativity to imagine new innovations that might make the world a better, safer, and healthier place. The scholarship will consist of a $1,500-dollar grant gifted to the chosen applicant. We have the utmost faith in you, the next generation of healthcare practitioners and technological innovators.  

How do I qualify for the scholarship?

In order to qualify for ZendyHealth’s Med Tech Scholarship you must be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate degree program in Pre-Med, Computer Science / Engineering, Information Technology, Public Health, Nursing, or Psychology.


What is the deadline to submit applications?

August 15, 2017 is the last day to submit your application for the Fall Semester of 2017.


How do I apply for the scholarship?

In fewer than 1000 words, explain a startup idea for either a new company, new application, or new innovation in the field of healthcare technology. Pitch this idea to us as if you were looking for funding for the startup. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your idea and how you format your essay. 

Special consideration will be given those who describe ways through which healthcare can become more affordable.  For example, ZendyHealth creates a marketplace where buyers and sellers are brought together to negotiate prices.  In a free marketplace, prices fluctuate based upon supply and demand – but the end result is that inflationary pressures are stabilized.


What needs to be included in my application?

In addition to your essay, please include your:

  • Full name
  • University name
  • Class year (Year in which you will graduate)
  • Major (and proof of major)
  • Contact information (phone, email, Facebook profile)

Please also include a copy of your official or unofficial transcripts as an attachment.


Send your essay and all other application information to the email address scholarships@zendyhealth.com and please include your full name along with your school in the subject line. Ex. “Jane Doe- University of Education”.

One winner will be selected.


Corporate Address

ZendyPlace, Inc.
1200 Santee Street, Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90015