ZendyHealth Med Tech Recipients

Spring 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Albert Appouh, Rutgers University

ZendyHealth is proud to announce the recipient of their Med Tech Scholarship for the Spring semester of 2017. The winner of the $2,000 grant is Albert Appouh, a Senior at Rutgers University. Albert is currently studying Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Economics. Albert Appouh said that he was “truly honored” to have been chosen as this semester’s Med Tech Scholarship recipient. His essay displayed an in-depth knowledge of the field of healthcare technology which was truly remarkable and his innovation proposal was exceedingly practical. He came up with the idea to create a smartphone application which could help prevent side effects from medications and increase the awareness of consumers on adverse interactions from the combination of certain medications. Additionally, the app would double as a useful shopping tool for finding the best prices on both increasingly expensive over-the-counter and prescription medications. We were extremely impressed with his startup idea and have hopes that he will pursue it to fruition at some point in the near future.

Spring 2017 Winner