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TeleRehab Virtual Physical Therapy:

We live in an on-demand, subscription economy. Netflix transformed the way we watch movies. Amazon transformed the way we shop. Uber transformed the way we get around.

We believe healthcare should be just as convenient and affordable. Telerehab allows you to treat your injury from the comfort of your own home. No prescription is necessary. If you have an injury, Telerehab with Trainer Rx is a quick, convenient, inexpensive and a clinically proven way to start feeling better at the click of a button.

What can I expecte with Telerehab Virtual Physical Therapy?

  • ZendyHealth’s partner, Trainer Rx, is a revolutionary program that simplifies recovery from muscle, ligament and joint injuries like never before.
  • Video exercises, performance tracking, gamification, and easy to understand self-care video instruction are designed to aid in a faster recovery.
  • From the very first session, the unique learning engine adjusts to you, personalizing your experience as you get stronger.
  • It reduces cost per patient as compared to an in-office visit.

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