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Things to know about online diagnosis, virtual consultations, telemedicine, and virtual primary care

Virtual Primary Care - Online Clinic Membership:

We live in an on-demand, subscription economy. Netflix transformed the way we watch movies. Amazon transformed the way we shop. Uber transformed the way we get around.

We believe healthcare should be just as convenient and affordable. ZendyHealth's new MedLion Virtual Primary Care is pioneering the healthcare subscription economy. Our MedLion Clinic membership offers unlimited video and phone medical consultations with dedicated, high-quality, board-certified doctors at a price point that is unmatched.

How Do Virtual Consultations (Telemedicine) Help Patients?

  • Online or e-consultation greatly improves access to specialty care.  It reduces the time to be seen by a doctor by over 90% in some cases. 
  • It reduces cost per patient as compared to an in-office visit.
  • Studies show that there is no difference in the ability of the provider to obtain clinical information, make an accurate diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan that produces the same desired clinical outcomes as compared to in-person care when used appropriately.
  • Patient satisfaction with telemedicine is consistently high. 

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